Sara Lance Facts

Here are some facts about Sara Lance

  1. Sara's birthday is December 25th aka Christmas.

  2. Her parents are Quentin (dad) and Dinah (mom).

  3. She had an older sister named Laurel. Rest In Peace!

  4. Sara is bisexual.

  5. She was a member of the League Of Assassins for many years.

  6. Her League name was Ta-er al-Sahfer which means Yellow Bird. Her vigilante name was Canary and hero name White Canary.

  7. She can do the salmon ladder.

  8. She was in love with Nyssa al Ghul.

  9. Sara was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit after the first time she died.

  10. She was a bartender in college.

  11. Sara is Captain of a timeship called the Waverider and Leader of the Legends.

  12. She had a job at Sink Shower & Stuff but hated it.

  13. Sara was once accused of witchcraft and nearly hanged for corrupting village women! (She escaped)

  14. She has a high tolerance for alcohol and can easily drink men under the table.

  15. Sara dies a lot but luckily she does not stay dead!

  16. She was seduced by Queen Anne before the consummation of her marriage to King Louis XIII of France!

  17. She was taught by Ra's al Ghul to kill someone over the course of days.

  18. Sara is the Paragon of Destiny.

  19. Sara fought Julius Caesar and won.

  20. Her girlfriend is a clone from thr future named Ava.

  21. Sara was once killed by a Unicorn.

  22. She is a beer pong champion.

  23. Sara is the real Lancelot of Arthurian legend! She even kissed Queen Guinevere!

  24. Sara was blind for a while.

  25. She developed precognition powers.

  26. She was abducted by aliens!

  27. More facts coming soon.

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